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Emily + Kellen

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Blush Beauty
A bride and groom standing in a field of flowers.

What made you want to book your wedding at Of the Land? 

We wanted something outdoors, but still sort of temperature controlled, and less traditional than a regular banquet hall but still structured – kind of a big ask.

Of the Land was the right combination of built-in amenities and DIY for us. Plus, it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL and family-run. The space itself is a perfect blend of gorgeous and functional. 

A bride and groom kiss under a tree during their wedding ceremony.

What surprised you about your wedding day/weekend?

How amazing my flowers were. There weren’t a lot of surprises on our wedding day, but the venue’s on-site florist Dew Drop Fresh Designs, hit it out of the park with our floral installations!!

A bride is sitting in a chair next to an older woman.

When you think back to your wedding, what was your favorite part?

Having our family and friends all together. There’s something deeply moving about having all our loved ones in one space.

A group of people holding bracelets together at a party.

What felt most important to you to incorporate to make your day feel like "you"?

We wanted our wedding to reflect our relationship – laid back and kind of silly (but still nice). We had stirring sticks with our cats’ faces, table numbers with goofy pictures of us as kids, bubble guns for the dance floor, and light-up toys for when it turned dark.

The biggest undertaking to reflect “us” was the seating chart. We started dating at Electric Forest, and trading bracelets are a big part of festival culture, so we handmade individual bracelets with each guest’s name and put them up on a seating chart wall indicating their table number. It took FOREVER, but it was worth it to incorporate such a big part of our love story into our wedding!

We wanted our guests to have flexibility, and the venue was great for that. They could be on the dance floor, chat outside in the cocktail garden or under the tree, play yard games, take pictures in the zinnia garden, or sit by the bonfire - it was perfect.