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Rooted in Passion: Our Farm's Story

Trent and Bridgett have known each other for over a decade, growing and cooking the best local food in the area. They both live and work on the farm with their three children.

A couple posing in a field of flowers.
A person preparing vegetables on a wooden table.
A man and his son standing in a field of tomatoes.
A woman and two children in a field of tomatoes.
A table with apples, grapes, and pumpkins.

Bridgett Blough lives and breathes farm fresh organics. Born and raised on a farm, she has valued locally grown produce for decades. She has lived in cities across America and spent summers in rural Alaska, gaining cultural perspective and varied food experiences. In 2011, she became a Certified Natural Chef from Bauman College in Berkeley, California.

Trent grew up in Battle Creek and has been growing organic produce for over fifteen seasons. He loves nature, the science of farming, the changes of the seasons, and his relationships with his employees and customers. 

Their favorite part of running Of the Land? Picking out seeds in the catalog each year and dreaming of how beautiful we can make our land with flowers, landscaping, and agriculture.

We are so thankful for our community of workers, fellow makers, bakers, artisans and guests who make our land what it is each and every day.

Our team

Trent and Bridgett posing for a photo in a greenhouse.

Trent + Bridgett

Farm Owners

Amanda in a white shirt standing in front of a tree.


Culinary Genie

Molly smiling in front of a tree.


Tour Guide & Service Expert

Laia in a red sweater standing in front of a green wall.


Customer Service Liaison 

Krista in a tan shirt standing in front of plants.


Vegetable & Fruit Devotee 

Monica smiling in front of a green wall.


Catering Connoisseur 

Patti wearing glasses and a beret.


Queen of Flora & Fauna 

A man is handing a woman a cup of coffee.

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