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Snigdha + Drew

A bride and groom embrace in a field of flowers.





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A bride and groom dancing in a greenhouse.

What made you want to book your wedding at Of the Land? 

My PhD is in plant biology, and we have a plethora of plants at home. Drew likes to say that we live in a greenhouse because we have so many vines all over our apartment. We’re also both pretty outdoorsy people and have always imagined ourselves getting married outside. When I was first looking up venues in Michigan, Of the Land caught my eye because of the greenhouse and the flower field. We both felt that the venue was pretty on point with both of our visions. 

A bride and groom exchanging their vows under a tree.

What surprised you about your wedding day/weekend?

I was pretty surprised at how seamlessly most things went, considering that it rained the day of. 

A bride and groom standing in a field of tulips.

When you think back to your wedding, what was your favorite part?

My favorite part was the first look in the flower field 100%. 

A bride's hands with henna tattoos on them.

What felt most important to you to incorporate to make your day feel like "you"?

We loved being able to work in both of our cultures into the wedding. For me, it was the part of being able to work in the Indian traditions and having Of the Land be okay with that and helping us make that possible in the States. Also, I’d love to give a shoutout to Martha & Laura from Dew Drop Florals. They did such a great job with those, and I’ll always be thankful to them as well for making my visions come to life. I know that meant a lot to my family as well.